automatic sprayer cap inserting and capping machine rotary plugging capper system

automatic sprayer cap inserting and capping machine rotary plugging capper system
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Spray Bottle Filling Capping machin
1.suitable for sprayer cap
2.automatic spray bottle Filling capping machine,
3.High quality

This combines spray bottle Filling and capping machine mechanical/pneumatic/automatic technology as a new innovation generation of special Machine in spray bottle filling and capping machine with high automation/rate of finished products/stability and widely adaptability etc. characteristics, so that it is the favor of the numerous customers. It becomes perfect & maturity day by day during consummate constantly in years.
This machine has the functions such as automatic vials arranging/detecting, filling and capping with vial or stop filling and capping without vial, automatic Filling & screw capping, suitable to fill the abnormity vials such as rotundity/flat/prism etc. It is suitable for many kinds of stoppers & caps, so that it has the obvious advantages compared with this kind machines worldwide. It is completely met the GMP regulation by means of the powerful advantages of our company in design/manufacture for non-standard products.

Main performance and structure features:
This production line is suitable for bottle filling and capping. It can be connected with bottle unscramble machine,linear filling and capping machine and vertical labeling machine. This line can completely finish the work of automatically bottles feeding,filling, capping , rotary ( rolling ) cover,labeling and other processes.The production line is fully compliant with the GMP requirements.
1. No bottle no filling plugging,rolling on and capping
2. Outer material is 304 stainless steel, it complies with GMP regulation.
3. Filling Plugging rolling on and capping automatically.
4. Easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Technical Parameters:
Applicable specifications 100-500ml
Production capacity 30-50 bottle /min

Filling accuracy ±1%
Plugging accuracy ±1%
Capping rate ≥99%
Power supply 220V / 50Hz;380V
Power 2kW
Total dimension 2000 * 1000 * 1500MM

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