automatic vial liquid filling cap-screwing machines for bottles filler and capper system

automatic oral liquid filling & cap-screwing machine for bottles filler and capper system

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The line includes the screw bottle washing machine, tunnel sterilization oven, filling and capping machine.
Take the bottles out of the package case, and put them to product. The bottles are transported to screw bottle washing machine by the screw. Inner of the bottles is washed by the water and gas, outside is water. After washing ,the bottles enter into the sterilization area. The temperature of the sterilization area is from the electric quartz tube. The temperature can dry and sterilize the water which is in the bottles' inside. While the bottles are finished washing, they will go to the next process--filling and capping parts. The bottles are transported by the screw. The oral liquid filling and capping machine adopts the filling method what is named as the positioning and tracking filling by the turntable. There is no dripping phenomenon. The filling pump is piston pump, also man can choose metal pump or ceramic pump. The filling precision is high. By mechanical plug the cover, and then enter to the capping station. The capping parts adopts the three knife to capping, in order to ensure the mouth of bottle is smooth. The qualified rate of the line is high.

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