Automatic vial unscrambler vertical cartoner with date coder |YQ MACHINERY bottle sorter cartoning

Automatic vial unscrambler vertical cartoner with date coder |YQ MACHINERY bottle sorter cartoning

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1.Bottle unscrambler machine
Features of pet bottle unscrambler:
1. The bottle output speed is fast and stable, and the pass rate is high.
2. Simple operation, concise and clear, easy to master.
3. It can automatically stop when the bottle is full, and automatically turn on when the bottle is missing.

technical parameter of rotary bottle unscrambler machine:
Production capacity: 30-50 bottles/min
Gas source: 0.5-0.7Mpa
Power source: 220V/50Hz
Work rate: 0.4 kw
Dimensions: 2000*1200*1600mm

2.vertical cartoner
This cartoner machine is equipped with automatic detection system. It can automatically detect the presence or absence of cartons, bottles, and manuals, and adopt automatic positioning shutdown and automatic rejection functions for missing bottles and missing books;
The main workflow of the cartoning machine:
1. The machine sucks the carton down by vacuum, and then unfolds it to form; the manual is folded synchronously (one to four folds can be adjusted at will), and to the second station, the machine folds the medicine bottle (medicine board or injection) and already folded The manuals are loaded into the opened box synchronously, and the batch number is automatically printed at the third station, and then the process of folding and inserting the tongue is completed.

Main performance:
1. The structure of the model is small and exquisite, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient
2. The machine has strong applicability, wide adjustment range, and low requirements for packaging materials
3. Convenient adjustment of specifications, no need to replace parts
4. Small footprint, suitable for stand-alone production or in-line production with labeling machine
5. The back channel can be connected to the transparent film packaging machine and strapping machine for production, saving costs
6. The detection is sensitive and reliable, and the product qualification rate is high
7. Low energy consumption and few operators
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