automatic wet glue plastic jar labeling machine for Vijay bottle cold paste label application system

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YQ MACHINERY are leading suppliers of labeling equipment.we can apply several styles of labeling such as pressure sensitive labeling machine,wet glue labeling machine,
hot melt glue labeling machine and sleeve labeling machine.Our labeler tools find application in round jar tin can bottles labeling.
All cold glue labeling machinery is supplied from YQ with good back up of service and spares from our team of engineers.

Glue labeling machine automatically labels round container of glass, plastic, aluminum, pet, cardboard container, will wrap-around labels in the vertical position by using cold glue. Our wet
glue labeling machine is rigid, versatile and engineered for reliability and enhance operational efficiency in addition, it has several exclusive features which offer additional advantages.

Operation of glue labeling machine:
The round containers positioned accurately by the feed worm for wrap-around operation at the labeling point, the rotating glue cylinder receives cold glue from gluepot that subsequently gets transferred on the Glue Rubber Roller. Finally a fine, even and thin film of glue is transferred to the gluing pad. The round container on the moving conveyor at the feed worm actuates
a sequence, which result in the oscillation of the Label Box. The rotating Label Master aligned with the help of pick up fingers from the Label Master & with oscillating Label Box. The pick up cylinder receives labels with the help of pick up fingers from the label master. The pick up cylinder holds the labels perfectly with due to vacuum during its rotational movement. Simultaneously the pick-up fingers move inside, The round container moves on conveyor with the help of worm and glued label on pick-up cylinder wrapped around to container by virtue of strip belts.Then the labeled container moves further through a rubber pressing belt & stationary rubber pad that ensures neat & perfect fixing of label.

Characters of paste labeling machine:
Wet glue labeling machine can be equipped with the production line and can be stand-alone production too. Easy to operate,
just turn the power on, gently click the start button, the entire device will enter the production status, the labeling of products via to get bottle, divided bottle, induction start signal, to send front label, to send back label, suction the front label, suction back
label, marked on the front label, the back label, and finish the entire production process. Accurate, fast, are the features of this

Main technical parameters for paper label glue labeling machine:
Operating direction Left or Right
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0 mm(subject to the roughness of the plane)
Production(bottle/min) 30-80BPM(according to the size of bottle and label)
Labeling Speed(m/min) ≤30
The application of bottle Outer diameter 40-100mm Height 35-200mm(can be customized according to customer’ requirement)
The application of label Width 8-150mm ; Length 20-300mm(can be customized according to customer’ requirement)
The inner diameter of label roll 76mm
The outer diameter of label roll 350mm (max)
The power of motor(w) 1KW
Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase
Size appearance(mm) 2000(L) 900(W) 1270(H)mm

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