bench top filling machine and lid sealer for cosmetic cream filler

YQ MACHINERY supply cosmetic filling machine with varied product such as Balms,Shampoo,Conditioner,Lotion,Creams and so on.
We are specifically built to meet the constantly changing demands of the cosmetics industry. cosmetic cream filling machine can accommodate more container shapes and sizes.

I. Product Scope of face cream filling machine
     This machine is an ideal filling equipment for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries. It is suitable for quantitative filling of various pastes, liquids such as creams, milks, shampoos and detergents, such as gels, creams, hand creams, facial cleansers, toothpaste, syrups, pastes, etc. Filling of end-sealing hoses.

Performance and characteristics of cosmetic cream filler
1. Simple structure, reliable transmission and easy maintenance.
2. High-quality cylinders and pneumatic components ensure the reliability of the machine.
3. It adopts compressed air control drive and does not need external power supply, so it is particularly suitable for use in explosion-proof requirements and humid environments, and has high safety.
4. The machine is easy to operate, quantitatively discharge, the measurement accuracy is as high as ± 1%, and there is no dripping phenomenon.
5.Fast filling speed and automatic continuous filling.
6, using high-quality 304 stainless steel materials, polished inside and outside, fully meet the food and pharmaceutical production hygiene requirements, special materials can be customized 316L material.
7. Feeding method: Compressed air passes through, the reversing valve switches the driving cylinder to make linear motion, which drives the piston in the metering cylinder to make reciprocating motion to realize automatic filling of the feeding.
8.It can be adjusted arbitrarily according to different filling amounts in the measurement range. The filling filling range is 5-60ML, 10-120ML, 20-200ML, 30-300ML, 50-500ML, 100-1000ML, 20-2000ML, 500- 5000ML and so on.
9, this bench top filling machine can be customized non-standard special small capacity quantitative filling.
10. The whole cream filler machine is equipped with a bucket, a countertop, a bottom pulley, etc., which is more convenient to use.
11. The use of screw rods and counters makes the filling volume adjustment accurate and can be intuitively reflected in digital form.
12. In the case of emergency stop, just press the emergency stop switch, the piston will automatically return to the initial position, and the filling will stop.
13. According to actual needs, you can switch freely between "manual" and "automatic" filling status.
14. The equipment failure rate is extremely low.

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