bleach filling machine for1L Canister|hand sanitizer bottle filler

bleach filling machine for1L Canister|clorox bleach pressure overflow filler
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anticorrosive filling machine manual:
   This machine is a high-tech filling equipment controlled by microcomputer (PLC) programmable, photoelectric sensor and pneumatic execution. This machine is dedicated to the filling of daily chemicals, such as chemical liquids containing acid, alkali, salt and so on. The filling measurement is accurate, without bubbles or dripping. It can be used for filling 100-1000ml bottles.

   This bleach filler is suitable for the filling of containers with different specifications. The filling specifications can be switched within a few minutes, with a short filling cycle and high production capacity. The replacement of filling specifications does not require the addition of spare parts, and only needs to be adjusted to complete. Users can choose the number of fillings to determine the number of filling heads according to their own production capacity. The touch operation color screen can display the production status, operation procedures, filling methods, etc , Intuitive screen, simple operation and easy maintenance. Each filling head is equipped with a bottle cap setting to ensure accurate positioning of the filling.

   The design of this overflow filling equipment adopts linear grouping into and out of the bottle to expand the filling function. Various shapes of containers can be effectively filled in this equipment. The imported gas filling valve is selected to ensure that there is no leakage or Coveted, powerful PLC software support, can achieve ideal filling operations, man-machine interface, all operations are completed on the touch color screen.

   Filling adopts fixed flow channel parameters, and controls the filling time to achieve filling with different measurements. The precise time of pneumatic valve filling can be set to 0.01 seconds, which can control the measurement accuracy within ± 1%, reduce unnecessary material loss, and improve the user's economic benefit. The measurement of each filling head can be adjusted individually to achieve the consistency of the filling measurement. The machine has set the bottle feeding technology program, no bottle, no filling when the count is not in place, only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter is consistent with the set number of filled bottles, the filling will start. How much of the filling volume can be adjusted to the required filling volume, and then fine-tuning, you can get the ideal filling measurement accuracy.

 Note: The filling range and speed can be designed according to user needs with different numbers of filling heads.
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