bottle pressing machine|square bottle feeding table lid sealing and collecting machinery

bottle pressing machine|square bottle feeding table lid sealing and collecting machinery
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Features of cap tightening machine
1. Suitable for a wide range of cap sizes, many bottle types, high cap rate and cap rate. Continuous operation, complete automated production, save time and improve efficiency.
2. The cover-feeding track has a large operating space, which can be continuously supplied by the control plate and the gate, which can complete the automatic production, save time and improve efficiency, the positioning of the turntable, simple replacement specifications and a large adjustment range. In and out of the bottle are smooth, frequency conversion speed regulation, easy connection.
3. The stepless frequency conversion motor is used, which can freely adjust the capping speed, conveying speed, magnetic torque capping, loose and tight adjustment, without hurting the bottle and cap. It adopts magnetic torque cap, which can be used permanently, and it is convenient to adjust the torque.
4. The capping part is made of high-grade material, which will not hurt the cap.
The whole lid sealing machine is designed according to GMP requirements.
5. The torque can be adjusted individually, and the tightness of the screw cap can be adjusted freely.
6. Simple structure, easy operation and easy maintenance.

technical parameter of bottle sealer
Power: 220V 50Hz (can be customized)
Power: 1.5kW
Working method: electric
Sealing diameter: 10 ~ 100 mm
Cap height: 5 ~ 20 mm
Capping speed: 30-80 bottles / minute
Applicable bottles: 30 ~ 180 mm (round bottles, square bottles, conical bottles, special-shaped bottles, etc.)
Production capacity: less than 20T / S
Gross weight: 280kg
Overall dimensions: 1800 × 800 × 1500mm
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