bottle unscramble machine for 60ml |rotary bottle unscrambler

bottle unscramble machine for 60ml |rotary bottle unscrambler

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Bottle Unscrambler Equipment Introduction
This bottle sorting machinery can automatically arrange the plastic bottles in any position so that the mouth of the bottle is uniformly upward, and feed it into the conveyor belt of the next process in a horizontal straight line direction, replacing the previous manual operation, saving labor and achieving automated production.

Structural features
  This pet bottle sorting machine is a set of integrated machine, electricity and gas, simple operation, stepless speed regulation of bottle output speed, stable and reliable speed regulation. The switch is automatically controlled. It starts automatically when there is no bottle at the bottle exit, and stops automatically when there is a bottle accumulation, and automatically links with the next process to form an automatic production line.

    The direct contact surface between the machine and the bottle is made of stainless steel. It has a beautiful appearance and is easy to adjust. It fully complies with the requirements of GMP regulations and is a device that integrates electromechanical equipment. Combined with bottle washing, filling capping machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, etc. to form an automatic packaging production linkage line. Widely used in medicine, food and chemical industries.

 Main technical data for pet bottle unscrambler
 Bottle specifications: 20-1000ml (confirm when ordering)
 Production capacity: 60-110 bottles / min (depending on bottle sample size)
 Input power: single phase 220V
 Power: 0.4KW
 Reference size: length × width × height 1300 × 1600 × 1500mm
 Weight: 250kg
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