bottle unscrambler machine for plastic pet bottles sorting system machine de tri de bouteilles

Gerneral Description
Automatic bottle unscrambler is composed of storage, start wheel and bottle stand device. It is suitable for plastic bottles (round or flat bottles) unscramble. Bottles in a mess pour into storage of bottle unscrambler, star wheel will unscramble bottles in line to output conveyor. Star Wheer rotate speed is adjustable. This machine has smart structure, simple working principle, working steady and reliable.If need change bottles, only need to change one set of star wheels and it is best choice for small bottle unscramble.

2.1 Storage of machine is open design, so it is very easy to pour into bottles in a mess
2.2 Unscramble Device: It is based on photoelectricity sensor to judge whether bottle is stand up or bottom up. If find bottle is bottom up, compressed air will reject this bottle at moment. For normal stand up bottles can move out smoothly.
2.3 Control and operation is simple. It use electronic governor to control speed of bottle unscramble, more steady and reliable
2.4 Anti-block Function: If there are foreign objects exist inside of star wheel, star wheel will overload and automatic slip to avoid motor overheating broken
2.5 Bottle Jam Control: This machine offered an extra Optical Sensor which can be installed on customer’s current conveyor. When bottle block this optical sensor, machine will stop unscramble the bottles until bottle jam disappear.

Bottle Shape: 10-500ml round bottle or flat bottle
Bottle Diameter: Ø20-40mm
Bottle Height: 40-120mm
Production Capacity: ≤100pcs/min.
Power: 0.5kw
Air Consumption: 0.3m3/min.
Weight: 100kg
Dimension: 1000*1000*1200mm

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