cap feeder for automatic lid sealing machine with sorting system

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performance introduction of cap feeder
1. The lifting capping machine series equipment is professionally designed and manufactured according to the traditional capping machine's process and technical requirements. The capping process is stable and reliable, which meets the ideal requirements.
2. The capping machine uses the principle of the center of gravity of the bottle caps to sort the bottle caps so that they are output in the same direction (the mouth is up or down). This machine is an electromechanical integrated product with a simple and reasonable structure.This machine is suitable for the capping of products of various specifications.It can adjust the production capacity steplessly according to the specifications and characteristics of the product. , Medicine, cosmetics and other bottle caps.
3. This cap feeding machine can be used with all kinds of capping machines and screw sealing machines. Its working principle is to detect the action of the micro switch, and send the bottle caps in the hopper into the caps at a uniform speed according to production needs through the conveying scraper. In the device, it is ensured that the bottle cap in the cap sorter can be kept in a good state.
4. The lid feeder machine is easy to operate, the bottom is capped, the top cover speed transmission is adjustable, and the cover can be automatically stopped when the cover in the capper is full. It is an ideal auxiliary device for capping machine or capping machine.
5. No special training is needed, and most people can operate and repair the machine after being instructed. Standardized electrical components make it easy to purchase accessories and facilitate daily maintenance and management.
6. The whole cap feeder machine adopts sus304 stainless steel, and the parts adopt standardized design, which is interchangeable and fully meets the requirements of GMP environment.
7. The lifting cap unwinding machine uses the uneven weight of the cap to lift the qualified caps. The unqualified caps are dropped and then lifted until the lifting conditions are met. The equipment directly lifts the qualified caps to the qualified caps through the capping conveyor Discharge port, and then use a positioning device to position the lid so that it is output in the same direction (the mouth is up or down), that is, the process of capping is completed, and the entire process of capping does not require manual intervention.

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