Capping Machine| Automatic Economical Bottle Capping Machine |Suitable for Small Factory

The Automatic Economical Bottle Capping Machine is control by touch screen, parameter can be set on touch screen very easily. It is very flexible for different sizes of round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles by adjustment. The main structure is made of durable 304 stainless steel. Capping time can be set to fit different caps and different levels of tightness.

NPACK manufactures and supplies a range of capping and closing machines to suit a wide range of bottles, caps and closures. From simple hand held cap tightening tools through to fully automated cap sorting, placing and tightening systems, we have solutions for pre-threaded screw caps, ROPP caps, valve crimping and press-on caps. If you cannot find a suitable machine in our standard range, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements – our engineering team is on hand to discuss modifications or even bespoke machine design solutions.
Main Features:
1. Controlled by DALTA touch screen.
2. Adjustable for different sizes and shapes of caps and bottles
3. Bottle Clamp belt bottle in system is optional for upgrade capping speed, up to 40BPM
4. Integrated digital control with Schneider PLC and high tech touch screen controls for easy operation.
5. GMP standard stainless steel.
For more information, please contact:
Victor Liu/Whatsapp:+8618019360681
Email: [email protected]
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