Chemical liquid packing machine, big volume big barrels liquid filling machine

Chemical liquid packing machine, big barrels liquid filling machine
this is six heads filling machine and mianly used for filling various chemical liquid products, washing liquid products, etc.

Main features:
Piston Type( Plunger Type) Filling
Vacuum suction device about Anti-drip aspects ; Three lines of denfence
Not easy to damage, save worry save trouble.
Simple and reasonable in structure, easy to understand,
saving time, resources, labor, cost
More comfortable, high automation, Operating & cleaning conveniently
Human interface, touch operation, more simple, intuitive, convenient and efficient

Double-speed filling; enough power make the filling precision is higher than other factories.
One head with one pump;
No bottle no filling, no leakage phenomenon.
Automatic sensing device
Life Span: More than six years or ten years, Usually only need replace parts, very durable

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