cold glue labelling machine for tin can|bottle wet glue label applicator manufacturer

cold glue labelling machine for tin can|bottle wet glue label applicator manufacturer
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The whole glue labeling machine is made of 304 stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, which is durable.
The whole wet glue labeling machine adopts imported servo control system to make the whole machine run stably and at high speed.
Advanced and friendly touch human-machine interface, simple and intuitive operation, complete functions, and rich online help functions.
Imported electrical components from world-renowned brands are used to ensure the stability and reliability of the whole machine.
Adopt belt conveying to ensure the stable and reliable conveying of materials.
Automatic synchronization tracking of conveying and labeling speed makes adjustment operation faster and easier.
Automatic sensor detection, with automatic detection functions such as no labeling, no labeling, missing labels, automatic shutdown or alarm when broken labels, to prevent missing labels and waste.
The front and rear sections can be optionally connected to the assembly line, and can also be equipped with a receiving platform to facilitate the collection, sorting and packaging of finished products.
The optional configuration (ribbon coding machine) can print the production date and batch number online, reducing the bottle packaging process and improving production efficiency.

Technical Parameters of wet glue labeller:
Labeling speed 40-150 pieces / min (related to the material and label size)
Labeling accuracy ± 1.0mm (excluding material and label size)
Label size (L) 20-300mm (H) 20-144mm
Material size (L) 20-300 (W) 20-200 (H) 15-220 (mm)
Applicable label roll inner diameter φ76mm
Applicable label roll diameter (Max) Φ350mm
Machine size (L) 2000 * (W) 900 * (H) 1500 (mm)
Power use AC220V 50Hz / 60Hz 1300W

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