cosmetic cream filling machine manufacturers|lotion bottle filler machine

cosmetic cream filling machine manufacturers|cream filler and capping equipment
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A.Cream filling machine:
The filling equipment integrates light, electricity, gas and PLC microcomputer control. The actions from bottle unscramble, bottle washing, filling, capping, coding, labeling, etc. are all automatically completed.Filling system can be added or reduced according to customer requirements. This assembly line adopts a linear structure, a dedicated metering pump is used for quantitative, accurate metering and less waste of finished products. Reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, high filling accuracy, strong adaptability, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in the production of food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

1. Using world-renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, and long service life;
2. All contact materials are made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to disassemble, easy to clean and meet hygiene requirements;
3. Simple adjustment of filling volume and filling speed, intelligent photoelectric sensor, bottle filling machine, no filling without bottle, automatic liquid level control and feeding, convenient and fast, saving labor;
4. The filling machinery has strong compatibility, without replacing parts, you can quickly adjust and replace bottles of different shapes and specifications, which can meet the production requirements of multiple varieties and specifications;
5. The filling nozzle is equipped with an anti-drip device to ensure no wire drawing or dripping during filling.
6. The sealing operation of the whole filling production line complies with the GMP standard.
7. The production line runs smoothly, each function is easily combined, and maintenance is convenient. Various production combinations can be made according to the user's respective product process requirements.

B.Cap closing machine
The Cpper Effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. The application of new technology is that the cap tightener machine is simple to operate and accurate in capping, which effectively improves the quality of the capping of the product. The machine has a novel and unique design, intelligent mechanical torque control, and convenient operation and adjustment. , The operator only needs to place the bottle cap on the sorting tray, and the bottle cap is automatically tightened during the forward movement of the bottle. It can be used for stand-alone production, but also an ideal model for inline production. It can be easily upgraded to a complete automatic capping machine. We have lifting and oscillating capping systems, which can be selected according to actual needs.

Scope of application:
It is suitable for various cosmetics, medicine and other industries with different material specifications and different specifications of caps and screw (rolling) caps. Suitable for screw caps, anti-theft caps, child-proof caps, press-in caps, etc. Equipped with a constant torque capping head, the pressure can be easily adjusted. The structure is compact and reasonable, and can be easily linked with other equipment into a line.
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