Double-side vertical labeling machine for neck of bottle Automatic labeling equipment,両面ラベリングマシン

Double-side labeling machine with neck of the bottle Automatic labeling equipment,両面ラベリングマシン

automatic double-side labeling machine

Product Advantage:

* Fast labeling efficiency, accuracy and quality and stability; Avoid many problems of labor labeling. Lower product cost and make the product more competitive.

* Powerful function; one machine can be used on four kind of bottles (square, round, flat, and abnormal bottles)

* It adopts flexible top-press structure and guide structure.

* No bottle no labeling.

* It can work alone or join in the production line.

* Complete English writing human-machine interface;

* Easy to adjust and use, easy to maintain.

*Has fault alarm function, production counting function, energy saving function, and production amount remind function; No label alarm function.

Below is the technical parameter for standard machine:

Labeling precision
±1mm (exclude the product and label deviation)

Labeling speed
20~180pcs/minute (related to product size)

Product size applicable
Flat/square bottle:width≥20mm,length≥20mm, 20≤height≤350mm;

Round/beaker flask:20≤diameter≤150mm, 10≤height≤350mm

Label size applicable

Size of whole machine
2700×1500×1500mm (length×width×height)

Power supply
220V 50/60HZ


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