Edible oil 25 liter filling machine with weighing system 4 heads inline filler

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Major characteristics:
This machine is used for 10kg-25kg liquid weighing filling machine, it can finish a series of operations automatically, such as bottle inlet, weighing filling, bottle outlet, etc . It is a nice choice for lubricants oil, paint, foodstuff, pharmacy and chemical industries.
1.This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control panel, weighing instrument to adjust and control, it is convenient to adjust.
2. Each filling head has the weigh and feedback system, each filling head can be regulated and micro adjusted.
3.Photoelectric sensors, proximity switches, etc. are used in advanced sensing elements, so that no bucket, no filling, if barrel blocking, the machine will automatically stop and alarm.
4.If filled material is very foamy, the filling way can be diving style, and it is effectively reduce the generation of foam, can meet the different characteristics of the filling material.
5.The whole machine gets GMP standard. It is easy to disassemble clean and maintain, and the parts which contact with the filling products are made of high quality stainless steel 316, the machine frame is made of SS304, the thinkness of stainless steel is not less than 2mm.
6. The whole machine is safe, environmental, sanitary. It can adapt to various kinds of working places.
7.This machine equipped with cleaning system, consists of shower pipe and pneumatic ball valve, when you need to change the filled material, open the valve and exclude previous liquid, then open the cleaning ball valve, spray the cleaning oil to the wall of filling hopper, you can choose automatic cleaning or manually cleaning to clean the filling pipe and filling nozzle, the filling hopper has the function of liquid level display and high and low oil level alarm.
8.The liquid filling parameter setting and operating can be operated by touch screen, concise and straightforward, the touch screen has the function of fault diagnosis, alarm and remind the solution of troubleshooting. There’s battery inside touch screen, and it has memory stored program, it it able to store multiple sets of parameters, also can view the historical data. When you change bucket specification or production ability, just need change the parameters in touch screen is ok, can highly improve the work efficiency.
9.Filling nozzle with the function of rough filling and fine filling (fast and slow filling), to guarantee the filling accuracy, there’s grip collector under filling nozzle, can prevent the oil spill pollute packing conister, filling nozzle can be moved both in vertical and horizontal direction, so it can suitable to fill different conister specification, but when start filling, need fix them firmly.
10.This machine has auto, manual and inching operation conversion device, can realize single barrel independent weighing filling, also can achieve manual and automatic speed control.
11.Conveyor start no oil spill.
Technical Parameter:
Power supply:AC 380V; 50Hz (may customized)
Power:2.0 Kw
Container mouth diameter:more than φ50 mm (may customized)
Container diameter:Φ500mm~Φ700mm(may customized)
Filling range:10kg~25kg
Filling tolerance:20L ±20ml
Production Capacity:480 containers/hour
Number of filling nozzle:4
Pneumatic (air-operated) source:0.5Mpa clean and stable compressed air
working relative humidity:less than 95% (no condensation)
working environment temperature:10℃-50 ℃
material interface:standard flange (material intake pressure:less than 0.6 MPa)
machine weight:1600kg
machine dimension (L×W×H):2000*1700*2300mm

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