filling line pet bottle unscrambler 10 nozzles filler linear screw capper and paste labeler

automated filling line pet bottle unscrambler 10 nozzles filler linear screw capper and paste labeler
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Fully automatic bottle unscrambler drinking plastic bottle

plastic bottle sorting machine
2.material Stainless steel 304
3.easy connect with filler

Workers put bottles into the bottle storage tank, then bottles will be automatically quantitative upgraded to turntable at a set speed. Paddle wheel removes the bad bottles, then good bottles will be conveyed at a high rotary speed to the specified direction. Split bottle device feeds bottles on the bottle unscrambler part.
The conveyor belt on both sides of unscrambler part will hold the bottles and delivery bottles to the worktable. During the process, bottles pass through bottle turnover device and electric dust precipitation device. Bottles are transported in the stand up direction.
The electronic control system for real-time monitoring feedback through various parts of the sensor to achieve full automation requirements.

1.Adopt stainless steel :AISI 304, meet the GMP requirement
2.Touch screen &PLC control system,coordinate with state of production. Automatic, high performance in bottle unscramble and stop running when blocking
3.Adopt electric dust precipitation device to clean insides of the plastic bottle.
4.Suitable for various plastic bottles, such as round bottle,Square bottle and Special shaped bottle, it is convenient and efficient to change bottles.

Storage tank & lifting device:
1.Stainless steel supporting foot
2.Stainless steel storage tank with large volume. No need of adding bottles into storage tank. It is alarmed when there is no bottles.
3.Door of storage tank is automatic switch, and it is convenient to add bottles and prevent dust.
4.Outermost shell adopts stainless stain: AISI 304, meet the GMP requirement.
5.Conveyor belt adopt engineering plastic, meet the GMP requirement.

Technical parameter
MAX speed:200bottles/min
Suitable bottle:Square round and Irregular bottle:25~98mm
Round bottle:φ25~φ98mm
Bottle height:45~200mm
Voltage:AC220V 50/60HZ
Pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa
Gas consumption:100L/min clean air
Overall dimension: 3050mm(L)×1220mm(W)×1720mm(H)
weight: 660kg

Filling machine
This automatic filling machine, adopts plunger pump filling, Equiped with PLC and liquid crystal touch screen, easy to operate. The body and the parts contacting with product is stainless steel, clean and sanitary comply with GMP standard. The filling volume and speed can be adjusted easily, and filling nozzles could be installed more or less according to actual needs. This machine can fill various liquid products, e.x. edible oil, soybean sauce, vinegar, juice, drinking water,wine,etc.

Filling volume:10-1000ml
Filling Heads:1-12
Control system:PLC+ Touch screen
Bottle height:200-400 mm (adjustable)
Voltage:AC220V or AC 380V
Pneumatic:0.3cbm/min, 0.6-0.8Mpa

capping machine: 
1.Easy to operate 
2.Greatly increase working efficiency 
3.Compact structure 
1)  capping machine is designed to achieve the rationalized production objectives.  Capping procedure adopts automated control, easy operation, fast production speed and excellent sealing effect (material for PE, PP, PS, PVE, and PET). Capping position is unified, beautiful and neat. 
2)  capping machine is suitable for round containers of pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to cap covers. The machine has equipped with self-test functions- detection of power stability, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature control protection and phase locking.
1.Power of this machine is adjustable; working status can be displayed in the control panel.
2.This machine adopts disk location on the design of the bottle for clearance campaign, through two sets of magnetic torque Rotary scarf on the orientation of the bottle cap.
3.This machine is an ideal equipment, which caps bottle cover in pharmaceutical, pesticide, daily chemical and food industry, etc.
4.Note: this can also be used for rolling aluminum cover, theft - proof cover and screw cap.
Main Technical Parameters: 
Air pressure 3-5kg/cm2
Production capacity 40-80bottles/min
Power 0.9kw
Machine dimensions(mm) 2000*800*1600(L*W*H)
Weight 280kg

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