flat product labeling machine manufacturers with dispenser and collector device|YQ top labeler

flat product labeling machine manufacturers with dispenser and collector device|YQ top labeler
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Powerful function, suitable for labeling on the upper three sides of flat products, with an accuracy of ±1mm;
◆The top labeling machine is accurate and stable. The electronic control system composed of PLC+subdivision stepping motor+optical fiber sensor is adopted. The equipment is stable and supports long-time work;
◆Multi-function configuration, three-bar traction design, while retracting to ensure that the label is tight, to ensure accurate label detection; the label deflection correction mechanism can prevent the label from deviating; the base of the fine-tuning fixture can be adjusted freely from front to back, left and right, easy to operate Fast and efficient; optical fiber marking, with higher accuracy, the forward movement of the mounting bracket can eliminate the error between label die cutting, and meet the needs of high-precision flat labeling;
◆Intelligent control, color touch screen control, full Chinese operation interface, convenient and intuitive, powerful data memory function, can store 50 sets of labeling parameters, labeling switching of different product labels is realized by one button, without repeated debugging, simple and fast; and has perfect Fault prompt and help function; with label counting, power saving mode, photoelectric tracking label and other functions, production management is easier;
◆Easy to operate, the actions of peeling, sending, sucking, labeling and overwriting are automatically completed, and the labeling process can be completed by manual loading and unloading;
◆The main components are made of stainless steel and 12 mm thick high-grade aluminum alloy plate treated by sandblasting and anodizing, which is rigid and does not deform, rust, and is beautiful;
◆Safe and sanitary, in line with GMP good manufacturing standards;

◆Optional functions and components:
Coding machine Thermal coding machine prints production date, product expiration date, production batch number, etc. Coding and labeling are synchronized to improve production efficiency.

Universal sensor Ordinary sensor cannot detect transparent labels, so it must be used with Leuze special electric eyes imported from Germany.

The inkjet printer can be matched with the mainstream inkjet printers on the market, and the coding can be performed at the designated position of the label, which is a perfect combination with the labeling machine.

The reader reads information such as QR codes and barcodes, which facilitates the establishment of a product database for product traceability.
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