flat surface labeling machine labeling machine for top and bottom of small box

flat surface labeling machine labeling machine for front and back of small box
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Application of self adhesive labeller:
Suitable for labeling or anti-counterfeiting labels on the surface of various boxes or flat objects. The design of the host part absorbs the labeling transmission method of the imported machine, which solves the instability factors of domestic domestic labeling. The electric eye detection and synchronizer tracking ensure that the labeling speed is accurately synchronized with the conveying speed. At the same time, the speed can be adjusted at will, which is easy to adjust ,easy to use. It is the ideal equipment for the production of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and other enterprises.

     This labeling machine uses Chinese and English man-machine dialogue touch screen, 50 groups of data memory storage function. Changing the product and label can only change the labeling position and labeling length through the touch screen adjustment. There is no need to manually adjust the fiber-optic sensor.

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