Foil Pouch Filling Machine for Juice

This foil pouch filling machine for juice is equipped with piston filler as the dosing system, it is widely applicated to packing liquid and paste, such as detergent, softener, shampoo, shower gel, milk, water, juice, soybean sauce, oil, ketchup, mayonnaise and so on.

The bag shape can be stand up pouch, spout pouch, zipper pouch, etc.

1. Equipped with a PLC touch screen with a graphic interface and an automatic lubricating system.
2. Washing down the frame, parts above the table made by 304# stainless steel and alumina material.
3. Options for 6, 8, 10 workstations; also with vacuum rotary packaging machine with the rotary vacuum chamber.
Verify weight in the weighing station, and compensate by servo filling system.

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