Front and back labeler for 1 gallon jug|Pressure Sensitive wrap Labeler

Front and back labeler for 1 gallon flat bottle|side wrap labeling machine

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Introduction of front and back labeling machine
 Realize the automatic attaching of self-adhesive labels and self-adhesive films on the side flat surface, large arc surface, circumferential surface and square peripheral surface of the product; improve the efficiency of product labeling and film sticking, with accurate location and good quality , High stability; Avoid manual labeling, low filming efficiency, attachment skew, blistering and wrinkling, irregular attachment position and other issues; effectively reduce product cost, improve product logo aesthetics, and enhance product competitiveness.

Scope of application of double side labeling machine:
Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, bar codes, etc .;
Applicable products: products that require labels to be attached to the side plane, the large arc surface of the side, the circumferential surface, and the square circumferential surface;
Application industry: widely used in food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastics, printing and other industries;
Application examples: Shampoo flat bottle labeling, lubricating oil flat bottle labeling, shampoo round bottle labeling, canned bottle labeling, wine bottle labeling machine, etc.
product advantages:

      Powerful function, one machine can realize 4 kinds of product labeling (square bottle, round bottle, flat bottle, special-shaped bottle); the labeling is smooth, no wrinkle, no bubbles, good labeling accuracy, high efficiency and good stability; The flexible adjustment of the topping mechanism and guide mechanism, the mechanical adjustment of the structured combination and the clever design of the label winding, the freedom of fine adjustment of the labeling position is easy to adjust (can be fixed after adjustment), so that the conversion adjustment between different products and label winding Make it simple and save time. It has the functions of no labeling, automatic calibration and automatic detection. It can be produced stand-alone or connected to the assembly line.

The main material of the equipment is stainless steel, the overall structure is firm and beautiful;
Adopt standard PLC + touch screen + standard sensor electric control system control, human-computer interaction interface full Chinese comment and perfect fault prompt function, operation teaching function; easy to use, simple maintenance;
Perfect equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and other explanatory materials) to provide adequate protection for the normal operation of the equipment;
With fault alarm function, production counting function, power saving function, production number setting reminder function, no standard alarm

Optional functions and components:
①Hot coding / printing function
②Automatic feeding function
③Automatic feeding function (combined with product considerations) ④Add labeling device
⑤Circumference and circumferential positioning labeling function
⑥Other functions (according to customer requirements Customized)
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