fully auto super glue filling cap screwing machine,Máquina de llenado de pegamento,الغراء ملء آلة

fully auto super glue filling cap screwing machine,Máquina de llenado de pegamento,الغراء ملء آلة

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Specifications1. Filling machine
2.filling volume: 20~200ml 100~500ml
3.filling capacity: 40~60 bottles/min

Liquid Filling Capping Machine

Packaging Type Bottle Capping Machine Works

Application object glue, syrup, liquid alcohol,

and other applicable industry, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical

Material Type Liquid

technical personnel development needs of the industry based

adhesive designed to produce new products developed specifically

for the use of plastic materials for packaging, plastic bottles

designed by the manufacturer. The plane carried out through

the 16-station sequential shift, shift the course of the completion

of all set functions. Machine features: on the bottles (manual /

automatic), filling, cover (manual / automatic), Capping,

out of the bottle. How it works: using self-priming suction devices,filling.

At the same time, through the electromagnetic vibration plate to cover,

private motor Capping, to ensure the required tightness of the lid

rotation rate.

The aircraft uses variable speed, photoelectric control, and

ensure that bottles are filling, no bottle no filling. Apply to materials

in liquid or 502 glue filling and screwcap.

This machine is not only an ideal choice for adhesive

production industry equipment, but also in medicine, cosmetics,

spices, accessories, advertising, gouache, it is also fully applicable.

Main technical parameters:

1, power supply voltage: ~ 220V ± 10%

2, machine capacity :10-40 beats / min (stepless speed regulation)

3, Filling range: 2 ~ 70g 4, filling accuracy: 99%

5, Capping pass rate: 99%

6, applicable Bottle Diameter: Φ5 ~ Φ5mm

7, pipe mold base: 16

8, Power: 1.5kw

9, Machine Weight: 400kg

10, Overall dimensions: 1000mm

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