Fully automatic oil bottles filling line filler screw capper and labeler with laser printer

Fully automatic oil bottles filling line filler screw capper and labeler with laser printer

PLC controlled 
thick liquid filling line 
stainless steel SUS304/316 
0.5-6L bottle filling/capping

The oil filling line is beautiful in appearance ,high-precision in filling ,easy to operate and so on.
A. This series of oil filling line widely used in various oil and filling viscous liquid, such as peanut oil, blend oil, canola oil filling.
B. The filling machine for the quantitative automatic liquid filling machine, filling in the application of various oil, such sa lubricating oil, edible oil filling..
Main performance
1. Control system - with PLC control system, filling dose of random fine-tuning.
2. Operation Interface - 6-inch color touch-style user interface, intuitive and simple, safe and reliable
3. Feature Enhancements - Cutting with anti-drip device, can dive filling materials with functional properties. (This feature can be optional)
4. Electrical components - internationally famous brands, ensuring that equipment reliability, high accuracy;
5. Mechanical components - high quality, made of non-toxic corrosion 316 stainless steel and PTFE hoses. Other machin parts are of high quality 304 stainless steel.
6. Count testing - real-time count, to reflect on the work output directly.
7. Filling Detection - No bottle no filling,
8. Maintenance situations - the machine meet the GMP requirements, easy disassembly, cleaning maintenance.
9. Exchange standard - filling specifications change, simply adjust, easy to get.
10. Environmentally friendly configuration - configuration of the environmental framework in which the machine's operating environment more hygienic. (The environmental profile can be optional)

Structure features:
1. pneumatic filling valve vacuum return, avoid dripping,measurement accuracy.
2. microcomputer PLC, specifications change, modification parameter is convenient,
3. electrical components adopt import parts, it is stable and reliable.
4. accurate fluid level sensor, automatic liquid flow, atmospheric lactate-directed fixed.
5. The special design of integral lifting mechanism, which is convenient,and quick adjustment.
6. photoelectric sensor and pneumatic door control, if it is lack of bottle, automatic protection.
7. pneumatic control valves, efficient and safe. Each channel can be separately adjustment and cleaned.
8. dense scheduled design, convenient adjustment, suitable for various size of bottles.

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