gear pump filling machine with 6 nozzles for hand sanitizer liquid soap|disinfectant filler

gear pump filling machine with 6 nozzles for hand sanitizer liquid soap|oil shampoo filler

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Product advantages
1. Large filling range, single filling 10-10000ml can be set freely, suitable for manufacturers with a wide range of products
2. High precision gear pump, fast filling speed, high filling accuracy, filling accuracy is ± 0.5%
3. The pump body is made of stainless steel 304. It is suitable for filling with various liquids and meets the sanitary requirements of food and medicine.
4. Gear pump design, can be disassembled and cleaned without tools, convenient, fast and hygienic
5. The design of the whole machine is beautiful and compact, occupying a small space and easy to move
6. This machine is suitable for filling of various liquids. Pneumatic nozzle assembly can be selected according to the characteristics of the liquid.
7. The machine adopts dual speed filling, which can be fast first and then slow to eliminate the problem of foam overflow during the filling process.

1.Using the gear pump principle, the microcomputer controls the measurement and speed, and the liquid is filled into the straight container. The measurement is accurate. It is suitable for various liquid loading, speed and filling interval can be set on the control panel.
2. The first filling can be set to fast first and then slow to eliminate foaming during filling
3. The control panel is sealed and waterproof, and the parameters can be set at the touch of a button. The LCD screen can monitor the production parameters and operating status in real time.
4. 20 sets of product parameters can be preset to facilitate adjustment of filling specifications and filling quantity at any time
5. Exquisite pump body design without tools, convenient disassembly and easy cleaning
6. Can be connected with the conveyor, one conveyor can be equipped with up to 4 filling machines

Mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics, agriculture, etc. For example, vegetable and beverage, soy milk, acetone, glutaraldehyde, shampoo and other liquid filling.

Product model: YQLF-100
Body type: gear pump
Filling range: 10ml-11000ml
Filling speed: 100ml 24P / min .; 300ml 16P / min .; 1000ml 10P / min (single head)
Filling accuracy: ± 0.5-1.0%
Power supply: AC220V; 50Hz; 1P; 400W
Standard: 8mm diameter nozzle (optional pneumatic nozzle; product model: YQLF-100QS)
Pump body material: Standard stainless steel 304 material, optional material: SS316
Note: The standard sealing ring of this machine is silica gel, which needs to be corrosion resistant and can be replaced with fluorine rubber
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