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1.suitable for vial filling machine such as E-liquid,essential oil,eye drop and other liquid bottle filling and capping
2.2.automatic filling and capping,
3.High Quality low price

(1)The automatic this filling machine is mainly designed for small bottles and suitable for filling liquid like essential oil, eye drops, electronic cigarette and so on.
(2)The automatic filling capping machine adopts the peristaltic pump or piston pump metering, It can automatically unscrambling bottle,filling , cap screwing,labeling.
(3)It is applicable to different kinds of bottles, including plastic bottles, glass bottles, tubular bottles and electronic cigarettes dropper bottle, suitable for liquid ,oil and various kinds of fluid filling with the range from 10ml-150ml.
(4)The automatic filling capping machine's part which touches the liquid medicine is made of stainless material completely, meeting the requirement of GMP
Main performance and structure features:
This machine is suitable for the filling of 10-150ml liquid. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry.The production line is fully compliant with the GMP requirements.
1. no bottle no filling and capping,suck out foam.
2. Outer material is stainless steel, it complies with GMP regulation.
3. Capping by manipulator automatically.
4. Easy operation and convenient maintenance.
5.Microcomputer setting, PLC control, touch screen operation, it is high automated, easy to operate with stable performance can work both alone an together with other machines.Such as bottle unscrambler/turntable,labeling machine,cartoning machine and so on.
7.It can be customized, the product quantity can be controlled according to customer's requests.

Technical Parameters:
Applicable specifications 10-150ml
Production capacity 25-35 bottle /min
Filling accuracy ±1%
Capping rate ≥99%
Power supply 220V / 50Hz 60Hz
Power 2kW
Total dimension 2400 * 1000 * 1500MM

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