hand sanitizer filling production line|pump bottle unscrambler filler capper labeler and collector

hand sanitizer filling production line|pump bottle unscrambler filler capper labeler and collector

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A.Bottle sorting machine
The motor is driven by gears to drive the bottle flower plate to work. The bottle in the bottle hopper rotates the bottle from the bottom of the bottle sorting tray to the top of the bottle sorting tray through the semi-circular groove of the bottle sorting tray. The bottles in the semi-circular groove pass through the bottle flipping plate of the bottle sorting mechanism, and automatically put the bottle mouth down Turn the bottle upside down to finish the bottle sorting. Adjusting the speed between the silo and the bottle sorting silo, so that a certain number of bottles can be kept in the sorting silo for bottle sorting.
bottle unscrambler characteristics
1. This plastic bottle sorter machine is a mechanical and electrical integration equipment, easy to operate, simple maintenance and reliable operation.
2. Equipped with bottle output quantitative control detection and excessive overload protection device.
3. Both the frame and the barrel are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has a beautiful appearance and complies with GMP requirements.
4. No need to blow bottle with air source, use automatic bottle reversing mechanism, and equipped with bottle collecting device

B.inline filling machine
This piston filler adopts PLC programmable control, and is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen human-machine interface system. It adopts atmospheric pressure fixed flow channel parameters and controls the filling time to achieve different metered filling. The device has a simple structure, and is suitable for large and small bottles. Changing the shape of the bottle does not require replacement of accessories. Widely used in liquid filling of juice, soy sauce, vinegar, mineral water, pesticide, chemical, detergent, oral liquid, disinfectant, lubricating oil and cosmetics. Filling measurement is accurate, no bubbles, no dripping. It can be used to fill 100-1000ml bottles of various shapes (including special-shaped bottles).

●Advanced technology of linear filling systems
1. The hand sanitizer gel filling machine is suitable for the filling of containers with different specifications, and the filling specifications can be switched within a few minutes.
2. Short filling cycle and high production capacity.
3. No need to add equipment to replace the filling specifications, only need to make adjustments to complete.
4. The touch-operated color screen can display the production status, operation procedures, filling methods, etc.
5. Each filling head is equipped with a bottle mouth device to ensure accurate positioning of the filling material.
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