high speed 120bpm glass jar vacuum sealer machine manufacturers Twist Off Cap Vacuum capper

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The automatic capping machine is mainly used for the vacuum caps of three, four and six iron caps of glass jars. The caps are pressed by two different speed belts. Because of the different speeds of the two belts, the caps are tightened by the caps. The purpose of the capping. Before the automatic capping, the steam is heated by the bottle mouth, the cold air is blown off, the high temperature steam is replaced, and the cap is immediately screwed. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the steam is cooled down to form a vacuum inside the bottle, and the vacuum cap is achieved. purpose. The automatic capping machine can be combined with the thick sauce filling machine, honey filling machine and chili sauce filling machine to form a set of automatic filling equipment, which is a powerful helper for modern condiment enterprises.

Technical data:
Suit for bottle height(mm):65-260
Suit for bottle :50-120
Cap diameter (mm):30-115
Vacuum demand:182-227
Vacuum inside the bottle:66cm-1HG

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