High speed bottle wet glue labeling machines|YQ machinery beer bottle neck body label applicator

High speed bottle labeling machines|YQ machinery beer bottle neck body label applicator

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Features of Lubrication System
1. The machine body labeling station and the bottle-carrying turntable use the pumping station to supply oil for circulating lubrication, which realizes the function of lubricating before the equipment is operated, and solves the long-term existence of the labeling machine to turn the car and then drive the lubrication method to avoid the initial start of the equipment No lubrication defect. The pump station is equipped with a pressure regulating valve to adjust the oil supply pressure, and each oil circuit is equipped with a separate regulating valve to adjust the oil supply pressure. The oil supply is sufficient, the lubrication is reasonable, and it has a pressure detection function, and the pressure is not enough to be able to start. This design is ahead of the standard machine industry level,
2. The bearings, shaft sleeves, lifting screws, etc. of all rotating parts are equipped with lubrication points, which can be automatically injected with lubricating grease through the centralized lubrication pump station, which is convenient for lubrication.
3. The pressure bottle cam and the pressure bottle assembly roller are equipped with automatic grease cups for automatic lubrication.

Mechanical structure characteristics
1. Rotary cam-controlled bottle indexing and holding mechanism, stable and reliable operation, high accuracy of bottle indexing control, accurate labeling, uniform and stable labeling, which can meet the trademark labeling of round bottles, square bottles and various special-shaped bottles.
2. The bottle pressing machine adopts the shoulder swing type, the structure is advanced and reasonable, the pressing bottle is stable and reliable, the adjustment is simple and convenient, the high-speed operation does not drop the bottle, does not shake the bottle, and automatically adjusts according to the height of the bottle.
3. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, the safety door can be stopped at any position within the lifting range, and the transparent plexiglass can achieve safety protection and observe the production labeling process.
4. The appearance metal parts and exposed metal parts of the whole machine are made of stainless steel or sprayed with plastic, which is anti-corrosion and rust-proof, acid and alkali resistant. All stainless steel plates are made of external surface drawing boards, which are bright and clean and easy to clean.
5. The label-taking station adopts standard plate rotary gluing, taking and placing labels, stable and reliable operation, uniform gluing, accurate and stable label taking, and stable and reliable labeling quality.
6. All gears of all transmission parts mesh, stable and reliable operation, and high transmission accuracy.
7. The standard board structure adopts a glue-hanging integrated standard board, and the service life of the standard board is one year.
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