high speed capping machine for trigger pump|automatic rotary pump capper equipment

high speed capping machine for trigger pump|automatic rotary pump capper equipment
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It is composed of several main parts, including cap feeder + inlet and outlet bottle template + capping mechanism + rejection mechanism + electrical control etc.
Features of pump capper
-PLC controlled ,integrated cap feeding ,grasping, inserting and rotating ( can affiliate with automatic cap sorting machine to realize full automatic)
-Production capacity can achieve 4,200bph with 8 heads
-Gentle operation, no scratch and injury to caps and containers
-Quick changeovers
-Module structure, manipulate on the touch screen, easy maintenance
-Suitable for different sizes of caps, applicable in daily chemical industry
-Easy connected to filling machine and labeling machine
-Low running noise

2.2 Details of high speed spray bottle capping machine
2.2.1 4-wheel capping head
-During capping process, torque evenly spreads to four symmetric points, cause no deformation of cap
-Make non-relative motion between claws and caps, effectively ensure no scratches to caps
-Keep static station between claws and bottles during capping, make sure no scratch to bottles
-High-precious torque control system, a stable and reasonable torque value

2.2.2 Bottle-in by screw
The bottle-in screw is processed by contour design;
Precise and fast bottle feeding;
Gentle movements, no damage to bottle;

For reference
2.2.3 Unqualified product rejection
A double-conveyor belt structure with an intelligent detection sensor is installed at the bottle exiting part. The qualified bottles are normally conveyed, and the unqualified (no inner cap and no outer cap) bottles are automatically diverted to another conveyor belt by using a swing cylinder. When bottle block appears, the capping machine will automatically stop and it will start again when the problem solved.
The mechanical method, combined with photoelectricity is used to detect whether there is inner cap and pressed properly, which can ensure that the outer cap is not capping without the inner cap.

2.2.4 Template changeover
For different specifications of products, it adopts quick-release design, including the bottle-in star wheel, bottle-out star wheel, bottle-taking star wheel, bottle in-and-out guide plate, and outer retaining ring. The template and puck are color-coded to distinguish between different specifications.

Template for reference
2.2.5 Safety door

All doors are installed with limit switch to make sure machine stops and sends warning signal when door is open.
All production area machines with movable guard are electrically interlocked to completely shut down the main drive and control circuit and bring all machine movement to a rapid stop immediately upon opening the guard.
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