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High speed two-side labeler for flat bottle,Haute vitesse de la machine d'étiquetage deux côtés
High speed Automatic two-side labeling machine
This machine is designed two-sides labeling on flat/oval shape bottles and containers.It can be incorporated with a line or operated individually.
1. SUS#304 frame construction;
2. Precision 5 phase stepper motor;
3. National twin-axis PLC combined with human/machine interface;
4. Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to
ensure high-quality labeling;
5. It can be combined with production line;
6.Use servo motor to make high speed and good stability
2. Label height: 15-180mm;
3. Labeling speed: 30-350bottles/Min;
4. Labeling accuracy: ±1mm;
5. Power supply: 4200W , 110V/220V , 50/60HZ;
6. Machine size: L2880 * W1700 * H1580 mm;
7. Reel Inner diameter: 75mm ;
8. Reel outer diameter: Max 360mm ;
9. Product thickness: 15-100mm;
10. Product height: 40-320mm;

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