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high speed filling and capping machine
1.Piston Pump /peristaltic pump
2.2-50ml vials
4.high speed
5.GMP/Mitsubishi, Siemens

high speed Filling Production Line

Turntable- Washing Machine- Filling Machine- Stoppering Mchine - Capping Mchine-Labeling Machine

1.The stopper part adopt horizontal stopper feeding ,and horizontal disk stopper inhaling, which is easy to observe and high speed feeding.

2.The ceramic pump ,stainless steel pump , creeping pump is optional.

3.If there no vial ,the machine can automatically stop filling and stoppering.

4. Servo system is optional for filling (Delta, Mitsubishi, Siemens)

Main Technical Parameters

2-50ml GB standard vial

Yield Capacity

Filling error
±2%(volumetric pump,ceramics,stainless steel drived by mechanical drive)

Filling error
±1%(volumetric pump drived by servo drive)

Qualified stoppering rate


Power supply
380V, 50HZ

Gross weight
Approx 6500KG


The whole line use the PLC control ,inverter and touch screen to control the system ,which help running stable and reliable.

The touch screen can display running status of all unit machine ,water pressure, gas pressure and tenpreture,it can display all status of all switchs and faults of self-diagnosis, analysis and solution,which make the whole production line in automatic control.Furthermore,the compact line has respectiveself-control balanced device ,which can make the line more stable and reliable. Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi or Delta is optional for the electrical control system

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