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Instroduction for bottle unscrambler :
This Unscramble bottle machine is used in ordering disordered polyester bottles,high speed operatin, easy to combine with all kinds of filler or filling prodution line.The disordered bottles are carried into the storing bottle Section of the ordering bottle machine, the bottle are ordered into Bottle mouth-up-position and are carried into the next process with the air-transfering type conveying bottle system.

Machine features of plastic bottle sorting machine :
1) Torque limit part is designed for the main motor reducer so as to protect the machinery if malfunctions occur
2) The bottles are neck locked through the air conveyor so as to avoid overturn in delivery
3) Dilapidated bottles will be eliminated by a special device
4) A lock detector is equipped for alarming; when locked, the machine will automatically stop
5) A photoelectric switch is set for starting when there is no bottle and stopping when there are bottles
6) An oil pump will readily fill up the gears, bearings and the cams
7) Maintenance and mould replacement provided
Technical Parameters
1.the number of stations: 14
2.rated production capacity: 8000b / h
3. the maximum production speed: 10000 b / h
4.air pressure: 0.7MPa
5.gas consumption: 1.5M3 / min
6.to adapt to the bottle: diameter .50mm-96mm, height: 165mm-310mm
7.the main motor power: 3kw
8.hoist power: 0.75KW
9.the host size: Φ2600mm × 2200mm (diameter × high)
10. the whole weight: 3000Kg
Mode of operation: fully automatic;
Material: Cylindrical shell: Stainless steel 304; Rotary bucket: Nylon or POM;

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