high speed sticker labeling machine for small bottles|YQ machinery rotary labeling equipment

high speed sticker labeling machine for small bottles|YQ machinery rotary labeling equipment

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Features of this machine
1 Large-scale two-way adjustment and six-dimensional spatial direction adjustment mechanism
2 Can automatically identify the length of the product, double photoelectric switch detection
3 Double pressing rollers automatically send labels, and labels are automatically tensioned, which is convenient for installing barcode detection device
4 Labeling rollers or labeling brushes can be installed as needed to reduce vulnerable parts
5 The equipment is fully automatic operation, no special person is required to supervise. The labeling machine is equipped with three-color warning lights (run, stop, warning lights), which display differently in different situations;
6 The protective door of the labeling machine is connected to the host system, and has the function of alarm and shutdown when the door is opened to avoid safety accidents;
7 The bottom paper recycling roller adopts a quick-change type, and the waste paper can be taken out by gently pulling up the knob
8 The main engine adopts ABB750W high-power servo motor, with ABB servo driver,
Close-loop control of the label feed can control the stop accuracy of the label within 0.3 mm
9 The product detection sensor adopts SICK PZ-G62P with a detection speed of 50KHz, which can be compatible with transparent label labeling to ensure high labeling accuracy.
10 Set up special product detection switch adjustment bracket to realize quick adjustment of detection points
11 This machine adopts pressure-sensitive labeling. The label is in line contact with the object under the action of the sponge roller to ensure that the labeling is flat and without bubbles.
12 The 12 system is equipped with various operation and I/O status monitoring diagrams. If any failure occurs, the failure can be found from the man-machine and eliminated in time, reducing maintenance time and bringing great convenience to maintenance.
13 The operation interface requires a Chinese interface, and the system has fault alarm shutdown, alarm information display, production counter, troubleshooting methods, etc.
14 The inside of the labeling machine equipment has the function of removing static electricity and dust from the bottle body and the equipment space to avoid foreign matter on the bottle body causing bubbles and wrinkles after labeling.
15 All 304 stainless steel frame, neat and elegant appearance, durable.
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