honey jar labeler one label for three side|bottle labeling machine price

honey jar labeler one label for three side|bottle labeling machine price

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Scope of labeling systems application:
This three side labeler machine is suitable for three-sided side labeling of flat, round, ellipse, and shaped objects. It can be used for online production or stand-alone operation.
the labeling Equipment can be customized according to customer requirements: single labeling on two sides, single labeling on three sides, single labeling on four sides, and many other labeling methods.
Mainly used in: daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.
The label machine has high automation integration, can be used stand-alone, and can be connected to the production line

Automatic three-sided labeling machine:
1. PLC cooperates with the man-machine interface, the operation is intuitive, simple and clear
2. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, does not rust, and meets GMP requirements.
3. This label applicator has the functions of bottle guiding, bottle splitting, laminating, label smoothing, counting, etc.
4. The position of the label and the angle of the label can be adjusted.
5. Can be connected to conveyor belt for production line.
6. Various special models can be customized according to customer requirements

Technical data of jar labeling machine
Power supply: 110V / 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 1500W
Labeling speed: 120 bottles / min
Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm ​​(except for the error between the object and the label itself)
Product diameter: 15-350mm
Label height: 10-200mm
Label roll diameter: paper roll inner diameter 76mm, outer diameter (maximum) 350mm
Machine dimensions: length * width * height = 2600 * 1200 * 1650m
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