Horizontal Labeling Machine For Syringes Automatic Labeller Vials Label Applicator

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Product Description

The DY812 specially label on the surface of the object, The perfect design and the advanced controlling and checking system guarantee it is labeled speedily and precisely, The advanced and kind human interface, converting Chinese interface into English , Interface freely and the on-line helping system make it easy to operate .

Product Characteristic

1.The famous high precise serve motor drives the labeling head and controls to convey the labels.
2.The separated clutch makes the strain more balanced. It ensures accurate labeling.
3.The controlling system adopts SIMEMS and famous panel, The human interface can be operated in Chinese and English .
4.It is convenient to adjust the labeling head, labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure precisely labeling .
5.The speed of conveyor, the speed of press belt and the speed of conveying labels can be set and changed by the human interface.
Technical data
Production speed
Labeling accuracy
Label max width
Label inner diameter
Label outer diameter
220V 50Hz 1500W
The height of the conveyor line
chain plate to the ground

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