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Toilet Cleaner filling machine product description
This automatic piston-style liquid filling machine is a new product of our company based on the advanced technology of other countries. This machine usel plunger-style metering pump to fill, and it can use different filling heads to meet customers' production demands, Besides, it can also link to other cap-feeer and capping machines in the production line. It takes up only a little room, economical and practical, widely used for filling liquids in industries like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals, food, cosmetics, etc. It is in full compliance with the GMP requirements.

Toilet Cleaner filling machine features:
1. Adopting plunger-style metering pump and phenumatic-control anti-corrosive valves to fill, suitable for filling various viscous liquids.
2. Phenumatic-control injection pump is convenient to adjust filling dosage accurately, with high filling precision.
3. With high-position liquid storage, liquid level switch automatically controls material feeding.
4. Filling heads with anti-drip device and with function of back-sucking, ensuring no phenomena of the wiredrawing and driping and leakage.
5. The whole machine is easy to clean and disinfect, convenient to change different specifications.
6. PLC control system, frequency conversion, no filling without bottles, with high degree of automation.
7. Electric & phenumatic parts are all world-famous brands, like Japan Mitsubishi, Delta,simens and so on

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