Linear type bottle feeding filling rotary capping equipment with cap sorting system piston filler

Linear round bottle feeding filling rotary capping equipment with cap sorting system piston filler

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This machine is the main liquid filling production lines, which complies with 'GMP' requirements. This machine adopts high-quality 304 stainless steel materials; it's suitable for liquid filling of plastic bottles and glass bottles, stopper, bar cover. Advanced design and compact structure are features of the machine. Replacement is very convenient. Combination with other devices can achieve the goal of production line.

Technical Parameters:
Applicatable bottle:10-500ml bottles
Production capacity(4 hole): 30-80 bottles / min
Error loading quantity: consistent with national Pharmacopoeia.
Sealing rate: ≥ 99%
Power supply: 220/380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire
Power: 1.5KW
Weight: 600kg
Dimensions: 2500× 1460× 1480mm (L*W*H)

Production Process
When an even row of bottles are sent to the filling station by the conveyor belt, the filling needles will plug in the bottles and begin to fill. After filling, the needles will leave the bottles slowly upward. Then the bottles will be sent into twelve equi-index-plates by the bottle conveyor belt. Under the action of cam indexer, the equi-index-plates make the bottles do intermittent motion. When bottles arrive at the inserting&capping part, the machine will sort stoppers and caps by oscillator automatically. In the capping position: tie down the lid, the lid manipulator grasp the bar, driven by the motor cover, quickly tighten the lid on the bottle. After finishing capping lids, the twelve equi-index-plates will send the bottles to conveyor belt into the next process.

Our services:
A-The whole system
The Seller ensure the whole capping system can get to the requested capacity, accept and cooperate with the Buyer to pass the final testing of the whole system.
B-On-site installation:
The Seller supply the on site installation for the whole capping system, but the fees including air tickets, foods, hotel and translator in this period should be paid by User,the subsidy is 50USD/day.
C-Technical support:
The Seller supplies the technical support of the whole use life of the system,including the capping machine,and the procedures.
D-Spare parts supply:
The Seller should supply the quick-wear parts with the machine, to help the Buyer n further using. In the quality guarantee period, the Seller will supply the broken parts for free, except the easy worn parts or the damage is caused by wrong operation.After the guarantee period, the Seller will supply all the parts that the User need for the whole use life of the machine in cost price.

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