Nasal Spray Filling and Capping Machinery,Automatic Perfume Spray Filling production line

Nasal Spray filling and capping machinery,Automatic Perfume Spray Filling Machine production line

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Brief introduction:

1.The line includes bottle unscrambler , spray filling and capping machine.
2.The way of the bottle unscrambler is positioning flip. Pured bottles into the bottle unscrambler's hopper , then organize the bottle with oscillation.
3.The bottles will stand on the turntable (according to the customer's requirement can choose the way of the organization). After organization, the bottles are transported to the parts of filling and capping.
4.It can finish fill, adding nozzle, correcting and capping automatically.

5.The qualified rate is high. It can work with labeling machine and printer as a production line.

6. The machines of the prodcutione line meet fully with GMP requirements.

7. The filling pumps can be choosed: piston pump, ceramic pump and peristaltic pump.

Main technical parameters of spray filling production line

NO. Name Specification
1 Production capacity 40-60 bots/min
2 Filling error ≤±1%
3 Filling pump piston pump (glass pump, peristaltic pump)
4 Plugging cover rate ≥98%
5 Capping head single head
6 Capping rate

7 Voltage
220v /50HZ

8 Power
2 kw

9 Weight

10 Dimension

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