Npack Automatic Ketchup/Chili Sauce Filling Capping Labeling Machine,Sauce Production Line

Npack automatic chili sauce filling machine plays a key role in the market. It integrates light, machine, electricity and gas, adopts piston type quantitative principle, with high filling accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The main material of the equipment is SS304 stainless steel, which meets the sanitary requirements. Acrylic transparent plate is used in the filling process to isolate from the outside world, Ensure the sanitary requirements of filling. The pressure type filling is adopted for filling, without the need to install high-level tank, which simplifies the installation process and improves the filling efficiency. It can be widely used in automatic packaging production of food and sauce industry.
This series of filling machine adopts the principle of piston cylinder drive, which is suitable for filling more viscous sauces such as chili sauce, Douban sauce, chili sauce, mushroom sauce and so on. The filling rotary valve can be customized to meet the filling requirements of different customers. It is equipped with horizontal mixing hopper to ensure the uniformity of materials and no separation of oil and sauce in the filling process. The design of the equipment greatly shortens the filling distance from the hopper to the filling head, and overcomes the shortcomings of large filling error in the filling process of the materials with large oil content, such as more oil in some bottles and more jam in some bottles.
1. The equipment rack adopts closed structure, which is safe to operate and sanitary to use.
2. The high precision piston metering device of granular sauce filling machine is driven by servo motor, which is accurate and reliable;
3. It is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food production.
4. The automatic hot sauce filling machine adopts high-quality sealing elements and effective anti dripping measures to ensure no dripping on the filling site;
5. The equipment has its own material storage box, which can clean the pipeline independently, and it is convenient for cleaning and refueling.
6. Delta variable frequency speed control conveying system of granular sauce filling machine can be adjusted according to the production speed;
7. The filling head is equipped with a photoelectric system, which can accurately identify the positioning status of filling bottles, and realize filling with bottles, filling without bottles and no filling with few bottles.
8. The material box of the automatic hot sauce filling machine can be selected, and the mixing speed can be adjusted, so it is convenient to use different mixing speed.
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