One label for wrap around of square jar labeler|four sided labeling machine

One label for wrap around of square jar labeler|four sided labeling machine
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Introduction of four side labeling machine
This four sides labeling on various square shaped bottles is easy to handle. Maintenance free and tool less adjustment simplify the labeling process greatly. It can surely boost productivity with less effort.

Technical Data of square jar labeling machine:
Labeling speed: 20~60 bottles/min
Accuracy: ± 1mm
Bottle size: Dia: 20~100 mm / Height: 25 ~80mm
Label size: (W)10~100mm (L) 20~300mm
Label roll: ID 76mm, OD less than 300mm
Power supply: 220V, 50/ 60 Hz

Feature of square jar labeler
1. Precise alignment devise ensures precise labeling position.
2. After label dispensing , label will be folded to side immediately to prevent wrinkle or bubbles.
3. Twin unpowered corner wrap PU boards fold labels to left and right hand side smoothly.
5. Driven by imported stepper motor and can be replaced according required speed.
6. Labeling height can be adjusted by numeric hand wheel.
7. Labeling angle can be adjusted by X-Y axes.
8. Automatic label length detection and electronic sensor positioning.
9. Made of stainless steel and high grade anodized aluminum.
10. Heavy duty configuration and comes with rigid stainless steel cabinet.
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