paging separating systems for top surface plane labeling machine Bags with counting equipment

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Application of Page seperator:
The page seperating device is used to automatically separate stacks of packaging bags or cards and convey single piece onto the conveyor belt so as to facilitate the coding machine or laser machine to jet print or mark production date, lot number, anti-fake label, pattern, etc., and thus reduce the trifles of manual paging; meanwhile, it is equipped with the function of intelligent counting and automatic stop to facilitate production management.

Feature for page seperating machine:
1. Imported variable frequency stepless speed regulator, high-speed automatic paging 60-600 pcs/min.
high positioning accuracy and high production efficiency.
2. Can automatically count, or can set the quantity of pages to be separated automatically, until when the required quantity of pages to be separated is reached, machine stops automatically, the setting range is 1-9999(needs to be shared with the signals of coding machine or laser machine).
3. Reasonable structural design, and simple and quick replacement of easily-worn parts.
4. Optional accessories: automatic receiving device, separate signal source for counting shutdown of the paging machine.

advantage of page seperating counting machine
1. Full automatic counting/ numbering.
2. Control the speed of separating as you like.
3. High-speed separating, accurate locating, and high efficiency: 60-600 pcs per min.
4. User-friendly operation system.

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