Pail Weighing Filling Machine For 5-30L Bottle Automatic Olive Oil Filler Machinery

Pail Weighing Filling Machine For 5-30L Bottle Automatic Olive Oil Filler Machinery

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0 Liter Bottle Filling Machine ------more than 14 years factory and CE approval

This type of filler is best suited for large volume( over 5L) liquids and viscous filling,or products that have a very high manufactured value,such as water,solvents, chemicals,paint, inks,icids and bleach etc.

How it works
For liquid:the product bulk supply is pumped into a holding tank above a set of pneumatically operated valves.Each valve is independently timed by the filler's master computer so that precise amounts of liquid will flow by gravity into the container.Gravity fillers built with bottom up filling capacity can handle a wide range of flowable liquids.
For viscous and paste:the material will flow by pressure into the container.

General information
@automatic level: semi-automatic and fully automatic
@filling material: liquid--viscous--abrasive products--paste
@filling volume: 5-1000kg
@suitable container: bucket,drum,jerry can,pail,barrel,totes,bulk,kegs, gallon tin can etc
@filling nozzles:1/2/3/4/6/8/10
@filling speed: 8-20pails/min for 5L two nozzles
@filling precision: 0.2%
@material-in pressure:0.3-0.35mpa
@working pressure:0.6-0.7mpa
@voltage:220/380v 50-60hz

@filling nozzles equipped with fillig blocker,no drops
@can achieve gross and net weight filling according to client's requirement
@can both top and down filling
@three filling speed setting,including fast filling,slow down filling and pre-set precision filling,high precision
@material of contacted parts: sus316,and with heavy duty of sus304 for main body
@vacuum withdrawn system to ensure high filling precision,and no drops
@CE certificate

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