perfume bottle filling cap crimping machine for Austria customer Machine de remplissage de parfum

The filling and crimping machine work with glass bottles.It is used to fill and cap crimp perfume,toner,floral water and other water-based materials.It is bought by Austria customer.

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Introduction of Perfume Filling Machines :
perfume filling machine is used for filling floral water, perfume and other water-based materials. The machine adopts negative pressure and fixed liquid surface type filling. Explosion-proof type products can be provided according to user requirements.

Technical parameters:
Production Capacity 10-30bottles/min
Filling Volume 5-1000ml
Application of Bottle Diameter ≥5mm
Supply Voltage 3/N AC 380V/220V
Power Consumption 0.75KW
Noise 70dB(A)

Features of Perfume Filling Machines:
1. Negative pressure liquid sucking filling. The filling volume is measured according to liquid level.
2. Caster wheels are installed for convenient movement.
3. The parts and table surface that contact the materials are all made of 316L stainless steel, with body material 304 stainless steel
4. Suitable for glass bottles, or plastic bottles whose body will not be easily deformed after vacuum
5. Convenient adjustment, operation and maintenance.

Semi automatic perfume crimping machine
Application of perfume bottle crimping machine
It is suitable for the clamping of the spray-bottle cap, it uses the crimping head to crimp the cap, and fix tightly on the bottle mouth. It consists of the body, platform, clamping device and pneumatic control system.

1) Beautiful appearance, the structure is compact.
2) Clamping symmetrical, good sealing performance
3) Accurate positioning in the bottle cap, the surface has not worn
4) Pneumatic control, easy to maintain.

Technical Parameter of perfume bottle crimping machine
Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Air source consumption: 0.05m³/min
Bottle mouth diameter: 0—20 mm
Productivity: 20-30bot/min
Shape dimension (L*W*H) 300*250*700mm

After-sale service:
1. Instruction for Installation and Debugging
Before delivery, we takes responsible for debugging of machine, in order to make sure the provided machine could be safely and smoothly put into operation.
We also take responsibility to have debugging overseas, and Client abroad please sends invitation forward of time to engineer, provides the engineer with round-trip tickets, accommodation, vehicle and $80 per day salary.
2. User Training
Before delivery, we will take responsibility to indoctrinate technical training to the users so that they could understand the machine features and could operate the machine by themselves.
3. Warranty Period
The warranty period for machine is one year with a life long maintenance. If the user requires special quality guarantee, other stipulated warranty period may be made after mutual agreement.Mechanical models are standard, make special design according to customer requirements.

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