PET bottle unscrambler for round container|rotary bottle sorting machines

PET bottle unscrambler for round container|rotary bottle sorting machines

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Introduction of plastic bottle unscrambler
The automatic bottle arranging machine is suitable for the automatic transmission of round bottles and square bottles, such as the conveyor belt connected to the labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine, automatic bottle feeding, improving efficiency; it can be applied to the intermediate connection of the assembly line as a buffer Platform to shorten the length of the conveyor belt. The range of applicable bottles can be adjusted freely, the bottle conveying speed is 30~120 bottles/min, and the speed can be adjusted steplessly, which is convenient for production arrangement.

Features of pet bottle unscrambler machine:
1. The bottle output speed is fast and stable, and the pass rate is high.
2. Simple operation, concise and clear, easy to master.
3. It can automatically stop when the bottle is full, and automatically turn on when the bottle is missing.

technical parameter of rotary bottle unscrambler:
Production capacity: 30-120 bottles/min
Gas source: 0.5-0.7Mpa
Power source: 220V/50Hz
Work rate: 0.4 kw
Dimensions: 2000*900*1100mm
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