Pharmaceutical Bottle Filling + Capping + Labeling Line

The machine fills liquid into the vial and then adds a rubber stopper. The device receives sterile vials that pass through a conveyor belt and then a star wheel that holds vials in position when filling. Special sensors are mounted to ensure that no vial, no filling condition is achieved. The filling process is achieved through the syringes and nozzles. After completion of the filling process, the star wheel exit mechanism delivers the six vials to the vibratory rubber stoppering system via a conveyor for sealing and finally exits vials after sealing.
The contact parts are manufactured using corrosion free stainless steel SS 316 and made according to GMP specifications. Piston pumps are used during filling and the volume can be adjusted by altering the stroke length. Syringes have non-return valve to ensure that the sucking and delivery process have no volume variation.
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