plastic bottle sorting machine for 60ml square bottle unscrambler equipment

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YQ MACHINERY is leading suppliers of bottle sorting machine.Bottle unscrambler is controlled electronically, what guarantees perfect
synchronization with the filling line as well as allows modification of the machine parameters.
Rotary bottle unscrambling machines designed to provide oriented bottle to the production line.

YQ bottle unscramblers that are used to automatically feed empty containers into the production line. The bottle unscramblers we manufacture are limited to plastic, metal and non-fragile containers.We offer different model and size of bottle sorting machines to efficiently accommodate the different customer needs.
Bottle unscrambling machine is highly advanced machine, which is used to sort differerent size of containers, especially designed to supply oriented bottles to the production line.

Brief introduction:
Automatic empty bottles unscrambler is special designed for plastic empty bottles, empty bottles will be sent to the storage tank, then the bottles are put in order automatically and mouth upward into the production line. It adopts advanced overload safety production devices, do not need to pump, can be used in various industries of plastic bottles.

This machine is used in pharmaceutical factory, health care products, the suitable bottles include round bottles, special shaped bottles. This machine can lose bottles automatically, unscramble bottle. This machine adopts the high quality stainless steel or non-toxic pollution-free engineering plastic manufacturing, application of mechanical transmission technology, through the simple adjustment, can apply various bottle type, have a high degree of automation, the advantage is save labor. The machine can be used as the host or connect with the production line.

Structure and features:
1) Compact structure, concise appearance, convenient operation;
2) High production efficiency, it can continuous send the bottle automatically, then turn over the bottle and exit the bottle;
3) Meet the automation demand, without manual send bottle;
4) Turn over the bottle of institutions and bottle length, match with the shape , ensure the continuous, rapid output;
5) Through sorting after the transportation institutions, flip institutions and unscramble bottle institutions, the bottles mouth up and entering to next working procedure orderly.

Main technical parameters:
1) Production speed:30-60bottles/min
2) Voltage:AC220/50Hz Power :0.2kw (can be customized)
3) Weight:300kg
4) Machine dimension:2000mm×1000mm×1500mm(L×W×H)(need to be customized)

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