pressure sensitive labeler for hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottle label machine

pressure sensitive labeler for hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottle label machine
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1. High-speed double-sided labeling machine is widely used for labeling the surface of round, square and flat cone-shaped objects in the industries of medicine, daily chemical, food, stationery, etc.
This machine adopts conversational intelligent touch screen, which is convenient and simple to operate; it has rich fault display function and help function, which can realize high-speed labeling.

   2. Related parameters
Model: YQL-60
Drive mode: stepper motor / servo motor
Operation direction: right or left
Labeling speed: 0-200 pcs / min
Bottle diameter:
Bottle height: 50mm-400mm
Label size: width: 10-200mm length: 15-300mm
Labeling accuracy: + 1mm (depending on the roundness and verticality of the bottle)
Maximum outer diameter of label roll: Ф300mm
Inner diameter of label roll: Ф75mm
Weight: 300kg
Power supply: AC110V / 220V 50 / 60HZ 1200W
Machine size: 2800X1500X1500
Printing device: HP-260Q

  3. Overview
     YQL-60 double-sided adhesive labeling machine is designed to achieve rational production goals. The labeling process is automated, simple operation, fast production speed, uniform, beautiful and tidy labeling position; the equipment is mainly suitable for the single side or flat bottle or square bottle of food and beverage, grain and oil, medicine, daily chemical, chemical industry, etc. Automatic labeling on both sides.
  4. Working principle and structural features
      YQL-60 double-sided labeling machine, which is composed of two labeling heads; located on both sides of the conveyor plate chain, when the flat or square bottles are labeled on both sides, the object to be attached enters through the labeling machine conveyor belt. Then, the bottle-separating correction machine divides the bottles to maintain a certain distance, and then the bottles are passed into the top pressure centralizing mechanism to bring the bottles into the labeling area. After entering the labeling area, the visual fiber detects the bottle and transmits the photoelectric signal to the PLC. After processing by the PLC, the output signal is transmitted to the stepper motor. The stepper motor outputs the label. The label is peeled from the peeling plate and causes the label The front end of the label is pasted on the surface of the object to be attached, and the bottom paper is rewound; the label is attached to the bottle by brushing the label brush. When the labeling sensor detects the label gap, the label continues to extend the pre-marking length according to the setting, and the label feeder The stepping (servo) motor stops, and the labeling stops; the object to be attached enters the labeling device / labeling device, the label is flattened through the sponge roller to smooth the label, and the object after labeling is transported by the labeling machine to the next Process.
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