pump transfers coconut oil tank to filling capping machine

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YQ is your only true, long-term industry partner, our customized filling solutions are as unique as your need. so whether you need a semi-automatic filling machine or a fully-automated filler machine, we also have bottle unscrambler, capping and labeling experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.
Our filling machines are available in all sanitary designs
featuring quick disconnect valves, tri-clamp fittings,and sanitary tubing. Sanitary pumps are also available for applications using viscous products. The reservoirs on our sanitary equipment feature flanged quick disconnect fittings so that the bottling machinery can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.YQ filling
machines are designed for easy setup, simple changeover, minimal downtime for maintenance & cleaning, and maximum versatility.
This filling line was bought by our Malaysia client.It is used to fill coconut water.The filling range is 120ml.we adopt volumetric filler .It is rotray type which need only small space. The labeling machine also need adhesive label and can work with different sizes of bottles.this pump was offerred to transfer coconut oil from tank to filling capping machine.

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