Rotary type bottle unscrambling machine for pet bottles unscrambler equipment

Rotary bottle unscrambling machine for pet bottles unscrambler equipment

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pet bottle unscrambler
bottle unscrambler,this machine maily use to types of plastic bottle,glass bottle automatically unscramble and direction and conveying,it has unscrambler bottle high speed,replacement parts few and quickly,convenient etc character,it is widely used in pharmaceutical industrical,chemical industry,food industry and beverage industry,it can match different packing production line.

work principal
it like this,when the glass bottle and plastic bottle in the mixed condition,after workers put it is,this machine can standing the bottle arranged the conveyor belt,so it can meet high automaticlly demand,it is high-speed production indispensable machine,so it save lots of manpower and avoid the loss caused by human factors

performance characters
consist of the main rotation disk and out of bottle it is semi-automatic and easy to operate,no need special training when change bottles ,almost don't need adjust steplee speed adjust,speed stability panasonic stepless speed governor,control sped motor meet GMT stand demand,this machine adopts 304 stainless steel,we can change the stainless steel by your requirement

main technical data
Bottle: Ø20~Ø100 mm
Bottle height: 30~120 mm
Power supply: AC 220 V,50~60 Hz
Total power: 0.2 kw

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