Round bottle labeling machine manufacturers|adhesive sticker labeller

Round bottle labeling machine manufacturers|adhesive sticker labeller

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Feature of label application machine
1) Advanced man-machine interface operating system, 50 sets of operation data can be stored, adjustable, fault prompt, easy to use;
(2) Use stepper or servo motor, fast speed, high accuracy and excellent stability;
(3) Appearance standard 304 stainless steel, mainly aluminum alloy
(4) It is very convenient to clean, there is no dead corner and no residue is left;
(5) The new structure design makes the equipment run smoothly; the protective frame is safe and hygienic

Technical Parameters of round bottle labeler:
Power supply voltage (V / Hz) AC 220/50 110/60
Machine power (W) 1200
Applicable product range (mm) outer diameter 12-100mm height 30-200mm
Applicable label range (mm) 15-140mm high 20 ~ 400mm customizable
Use air source (Mpa)-
Output (bottle / min) 30-80
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 2000 × 900 × 1450
Net weight (kg) 300

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